I am a professional birth doula & labor support specialist.  (DONA trained). I offer knowledge and experience to assist in your birth experience.  I help during each stage of pregnancy, offering support and resources when needed.  I assist in completing your birth plan and help you keep feeling motivated and empowered throughout your pregnancy.  

It is my mission to make sure your questions are answered and you are equipped with the latest evidence based information and tools for decision making during each step of your journey. 
I can help you find a midwife or other caregiver during the early days of your pregnancy.  I provide whatever support is necessary throughout your pregnancy, referring if necessary to a wide range of specialists.  

During a hospital labor, I explain the risks and benefits of any procedure presented by your caregiver.  I support you in your decisions and have no other agenda.  I act as an advocate as well as constant support, as doulas do not change shifts.  I will be there from the moment you call, until after you are comfortably nestling your baby. Breastfeeding assistance is offered.

I assist births in any setting.  When serving in the doula role, I do not perform medical tasks, and do not make decisions for you.  I do provide pain management techniques, positioning assistance, healing touch, encouragement, rhythmic movement, and partner support.  My role is to "Mother the mother".  I want you to have the beautiful birth experience that you deserve. 

The benefits of hiring a doula are numerous and well documented.  

Such benefits include shorter labor and less need for interventions such as forceps, vacuum extraction, and cesarean.  

I offer several birth doula services:  The doula package with readiness sessions, placenta encapsulation, photography, belly casting, and belly art.

I am the mother of two healthy grown daughters. I live in San Francisco California.

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My Commitment

You can trust that your birth experience and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion.  I commit to be available on-call starting at 38 weeks and provide continuous labor support beginning either at home or in your chosen birth place.  Being a source of comfort to a mother during this very important experience is an honor.  I do so with respect and reverence.  If you would like to make a donation toward the care of those less fortunate, please see the donate button below.  Thank you.

212 Divisadero Street  San Francisco California 94117